A business approach turned towards the future

Expressions Parfumées’ vision of perfumery is rich in discoveries and innovations. Open both to trends and to technical tradition, the observation of everyone’s preferences is the key to success. It is also rooted in a strong culture of perfume, which is the passion that motivates Expressions Parfumées’ teams.

Awakening the senses

Competitiveness as a mode of action

Reactivity and flexibility are two of our major assets for the production of your projects. Technical devices such as the inventiveness of our productions are sized to meet all requests in terms of volume and of constant quality. The modern facilities and the constant technological observation deployed by our technical teams are our guarantee to obtain the most efficient results in terms of production costs and stability of the formulas. We are innovative and are also a leader in the creation of 100% natural fragrances based on ECOCERT certified raw materials, thanks in particular to our NATCO® collection. This allows Expressions Parfumées to offer high-quality olfactory signatures on all ranges of products in the organic sector.

Our creative studio ensures the originality of your formulas, which are all conceived as unique compositions that reflect the expression of your own identity.

Awakening the senses

The artistic direction to inspire the perfumes

Inspiration precedes creation. Expressions Parfumées’ creative teams invent and embody the perfumes that their clients dream of. They are obtained through many interactions and analytical studies, in order to answer everyone’s concerns. Intangible formulas are also those that mark time. They form the pattern of our times and are a part of the thousand scenes of our lives, in which they shape our individual sensuality. They are constructive and represent the fruit of our experience, which is solidly anchored in the heart of the very best of perfume.

Innovation at the service of creativity

An industry at the service of sophistication and that is perfectly attentive to the significant details. The technologies implemented in Expressions Parfumées’ facilities are used for the power of their adaptability to all requirements. They are controlled by competent teams to produce lines of fragrant compositions that are stable and qualitative.

Reliability is also Expressions Parfumées’ priority, by respecting all the international regulations and by its adaptation to the global markets. The technical teams that contribute to the development of our compositions are in tune with the most modern technological requirements. They are regularly trained in new techniques and quality standards in order to effectively achieve our objectives.