An innovative label at the service of creators

In the creative centre of Expressions Parfumées, the most imaginative actors of our teams are placed under the "Atelier Olfactif” banner, to form an innovative workshop. This laboratory of ideas composed of perfumers, evaluators, of the R&D Laboratory and the marketing and sensory analysis teams explores new horizons.

Olfactory workshop

Fresh ideas and creativity!

Our team first of all develops strategic marketing concepts for the promotion of inventive perfumes which give character to the brands. These concepts take into account all the aspects of a strategic approach for the launch of a new product. Enthusiasm is the engine of this extraordinary laboratory where all intuitions are creative tools to be exploited. A unique invitation to discover the world of perfumes according to Expressions Parfumées. This is how the most beautiful ideas can bloom, in the heart of an immersion in a rich creative environment, animated by curiosity and the pleasure of the senses. The perfume creation process gathers multifaceted teams composed of perfumers, evaluators, scientists.

We decode the macro trends that will influence the consumer’s expectations in the future.

Studying the trends of the market, assessing the potential of innovations, developing strategies to meet the consumers’ expectations, placing new ideas. With this prospective and analytical approach, Expressions Parfumées’ teams strengthen their knowledge of the perfumes market. This is indispensable to control the impact of all the new creations to be imagined. We attach special attention to the creativity, the relevance and appropriateness of our creations.

Sensory analysis is for instance an essential tool to effectively meet the expectations of our clients but also of our creative teams. Whether for technical or for hedonic criteria or, sensory analysis guides us to provide our clients with excellence. We are also equipped with a sensory analysis laboratory that enables us to test our creations with various panels in order to provide an olfactory response that meets the expectations of our clients.

Olfactory workshop

The sensory and the emotional world are the most intimate expression of the consumer’s convictions: knowing how to meet them means seducing lastingly. Sensory analysis plays an important part in the approach of our Olfactory Workshop.