Inventing the perfumes of tomorrow

Imagining the trends of the future is both a challenge and a pleasure. The spirit of the times is a subjective concept that powerfully combines with the suggestiveness of perfume. It is impalpable and almost indomitable.

Fine fragrances

Expertise and know-how

An accurate knowledge of the ingredients and the constant search for new formulas unceasingly consolidate our expertise of fragrances. The formulation of these compositions is sublimated by the quality of the ingredients that are carefully selected by Expressions Parfumées’ perfumers. They are chosen with attention by our teams to correspond perfectly to the olfactory qualities that we expect. This mastery of the composition is reinforced by the quality of the production tools which faithfully transcribe the formulas as they were imagined.

Winning creations

By anticipating the trends and answering our clients’ creative briefs as accurately as possible, we have achieved some formulas that are particularly well known to the consumers. These olfactory signatures now accompany the daily lives of thousands of people.

Intangible formulas are also those that mark time.

They form the pattern of our times and are a part of the thousand scenes of our lives, in which they shape our individual sensuality.

Fine fragrances

A creative team

The profiles of Expressions Parfumées’ perfumers are as varied as the ingredients of our compositions. They are attentive to the requests of our clients, and use all their knowledge to develop creative proposals that are mindful of the objectives that have been set upstream. Our favourite missions are those with a challenge that stands at the crossroads of inventiveness and tradition. Surprising without deceiving, establishing a strong link with the brand like an awaited appointment.

Our creative centres are located where tomorrow’s trends are being invented.

Expression Parfumées’ presence in these cultural landscapes brings us a culture of innovation and creativity that helps us adhere to the most demanding markets. We perform many internal tests on the entirety of the projects before finalizing the proposals. Once we have performed the first tests, we seek to optimize the formulas so that they would reach a perfect balance between the surprise and the expectations of the consumers.

We cultivate this inventiveness through the constant enrichment of our experiences and the numerous feedbacks from our clients. The cohesion of our teams through the different composition stages and the constant dialogue established by our teams with our partners or clients guarantee a total availability filled with beautiful ideas.