In tune with the trends

The final consumers are at the center of our apporach. We listen to them and take them into account in all the prospective steps, and they are the key axis of our teams’ creative missions. It is with them and for them that the perfumers invent the fragrances of tomorrow.

At the heart of the consumer

Better understanding the concrete expectations

Purchasing habits, specific expectations, modes of use of products are analysed to perfect the knowledge of the profiles that best represent the current consumption in the fragrances sector. Consumers are more and more demanding in terms of individuality, they wish to wear an authentic perfume that resembles them. We hear these legitimate expectations and breathe inventiveness into our creations to make them totally unique, timeless and distinctive. The spirit of a brand comes first in the strong identity of its products, so the creation phase has a crucial importance in the positioning strategy. As a direct partner of very large houses, excellence is required in every one of our proposals.

At the heart of the consumer

Imagining the perfumes of tomorrow

It is always a pleasure when we walk along the street and breathe in the wake of a perfume that was created by our perfumers. At the heart of the creative process, there is a team of perfumers with different olfactory personalities and who like to make our clients travel off the beaten track. Expressions Parfumées also means an expertise in trend analysis to inspire our creative teams and our clients. We are very attentive to consumers at the four corners of the earth. Design, fashion, art, digital, everything is analysed to anticipate the wishes of tomorrow and shake our perfumed world.

Anticipating market evolutions is another secret of our success.

Creative concepts creation: approach, process

We have a large number of proposals to innovate and offer our clients customised solutions. We must seduce them in the first place, by generating surprise and emotion. That is why our perfumers precede the expectations of the brands to bring real added value to their universe. This consists in creating the global olfactory scenario that will be able to meet the projects of our clients, imagine the whole creation and make bold and innovative proposals. The brands that trust us also want to place themselves as brand names that the general public can recognise.

Creative concepts are therefore customised to meet the strategic objectives of the brands, with all the associated itemisations. A whole universe that is intended to forge the olfactory identity of a collection,

a brand or a specific range, like a genuine scented signature. Anticipating trends takes on its full meaning when we actually precede the expectations of our clients!