Sublimating care

The world of cosmetics offers consumers a wide range of products that all have a common point: they have a perfume that is designed to please! They must also be discrete, for everyday use.


Expressions Parfumées’ expertise in the matter gives the brands a step ahead over competition. For cosmetics as for shower gels, soaps, shampoos, novelty is a constant value. Consumers expect new sensations. This sector constantly reinvents itself, with a pronounced taste for novelty. Brands must renew themselves to please, attract new consumers, be innovative. Our teams are on the lookout for all innovations and new practices, and thus imagine new modes of consumption. The specific technologies in this sector offer the possibility of designing all possible configurations. Stability tests are carried out to adapt the fragrances to the intrinsic properties of each product. The textures, as well as the materials are tested in our laboratories that are specially dedicated to quality control and applications.

For cosmetics as for shower gels, soaps, shampoos, novelty is a constant value
Personal care
Personal care

Originality makes identity

To differentiate themselves and offer distinctive products, the brands have a vital need for uniqueness. A unique perfume also guarantees that they will be recognizable in the midst of an excessive offer, that their image will be strengthened and that they will be remembered for a long time. Apart from their fragrances, cosmetics also require a specific treatment for texture and consistency, thus awakening the sense of touch in harmony with the perfumes that are imagined. We create perfumes that do wonders and awaken the senses for a unique sensorial experience.

On the lookout for trends

Innovating while riding the wave of the major trends is the mission of Expressions Parfumées’ creative teams. To forge an identity that is congruent with a brand, it is essential to place it in the centre of the scene of today’s needs. We strive constantly to know all that is new in the cosmetic and hygiene products industry to better anticipate the expectations of tomorrow and find inspiration for new compositions. This active lookout nourishes the research and the creations that we offer all our clients.

Personal care

Creative team

Following the new forms of expression of perfume in cosmetics and hygiene products requires a solid culture of the sector. The perfumers and creative teams have this baggage which is indispensable to better apprehend all sources of inspiration and exploit them to the best of their potential. This exploration work takes into account all the data related to the product with its specific constraints and the technical and marketing objective that is defined to constitute the desired olfactory message. Imagination is also an important ingredient in this approach of cosmetics and hygiene products; staging a care device that is adapted to all profiles (men, women, children) and all modes of use.