Creators of emotion

Free, creative, sensual, universal: perfume transcends the imaginary and overwhelms our emotions. It is present everywhere and accompanies all consumers, everywhere in the world, at every moment. Bringing it to life through innovation and creativity is Expressions Parfumées’ daily challenge.

About us

A company of perfumers in Grasse

Expressions Parfumées invents the perfumes of tomorrow thanks to its deep anchoring in the direct creation of fragrances. The founders of the company are all professional perfumers who are recognised for their authentic know-how, an expertise in which creativity is the quality mark of all their achievements. Under the impetus of these first talents, all the teams dedicated to our clients’ projects pursue this demand for controlled originality that stems from the subtle balance between tradition and a new breath of life. This experience, which has proved successful on the international market, is made possible by the universal character of perfume, a sensory language that speaks to everyone.

Be creative. Be reactive. Be efficient.

This is the philosophy that the two founders, Jacques Lions & Claude Broggi, wished to infuse as they created Expressions Parfumées in 1982.

Performance is also a strong axis of Expressions Parfumées’ business approach, and it means the ability to reduce the distance between creation and production. This flexibility is made possible by the cutting-edge equipment that optimises all the production stages of our creations. The strength of this service and of a constant availability is the expression of the commitment that Expressions Parfumées makes with its clients in order to achieve mutual success.

About us

Creativity, the engine of your expression

As the creators of new fragrances for selective perfumery and mass-market retailing, Expressions Parfumées draws inspiration from the many trends that are the beauty of life. Human behaviours through the opinion of the consumers, the most recent technological innovations, encounters during experiments, the infinite wealth of the natural and synthetic raw materials of perfumery.

Our speciality: expressing your values and making your brand distinctive.

Reinventing the classics of perfume means having the precise knowledge of the most fundamental expertise of our profession, as well as the intuition of the most beautiful inspirations. Our experienced teams know how to use all the notes to which they give a more vibrant presence, that is both strong and sensual. This is how many compositions developed in our laboratories have met with great commercial success. These winning creations are the pride of the company and the reliability guarantee of its productions.

About us

Controlled and efficient production

From the creation of the fragrances to their industrial production, strict requirements are met throughout the process of designing the formulas and then realising the perfumed compositions. Production capabilities are deployed and are customised for each project. In this way, the finish quality of the products, their stability and their delivery times are respected.