Innovation in perfume

Offering innovative solutions so that consumers worldwide could live a different sensory experience through perfume is one of the objectives of our R&D.

Innovation in perfume

Technological expertise

Whether for masking bad odours with our unique ODOURCO® technology or for a technical perfumery that enhances your perfume over time. Together, with the perfumers, our experts are innovating on today’s and tomorrow’s issues so that the brands of our clients could differentiate themselves from their competitors and satisfy a consumer that is increasingly demanding.

We are also totally connected to the opportunities that innovation can bring to creation; the development of new technologies is a source of inspiration for our future productions. The technical teams that contribute to the development of our compositions are reactive on technological lookout and in tune with the most modern technological requirements.

Traceability and quality control

The reliability of Expressions Parfumées’ creations is a constant that is essential to ensure the safety of the productions that we put on the market. The Quality Control centre ensures rigorous traceability for all ingredients put in place in the compositions. Our Legislative Service oversees each step of this device to ensure proper compliance with the European and international regulatory constraints. The specific requests of our clients are also developed within this framework, so that the final product would comply with certain specific constraints. This allows for example to finalise the development of a product to be labelled by a third party certifying body.